Sancturay Project: a testimony of our civilisation on the moon

Sanctuary revisits the past with the tools of the present... and prepares the archaeology of tomorrow...
Sending a souvenir to the Moon, which would remain there forever, to potential visitors and our descendants...? This is the crazy project of a group of French scientists, called Sanctuary. The idea: to embark a "time capsule", a sort of 800g box bound for the Moon in 2021. Its contents? About ten engraved industrial sapphire discs, capable of withstanding time, several hundred thousand years. These discs contain whole sections of our knowledge: art, science, messages from Earthlings, the human genome, anatomical plates of man and woman... a glimpse of the scientific knowledge of this 21st century and above all a magnificent project born on the initiative of Benoit Faiveley, engineer and producer, in which Hélène Fournié had the immense privilege of participating.


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