Hélène Fournié's latest works, in medical & scientific illustration and graphic design

Dr Panneau of the APHM (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille) asked Hélène Fournié to produce medical illustrations concerning the embolisation of haemorrhoidal arteries in interventional radiology. These illustrations were to illustrate a scientific article in the American journal RadioGraphics - RSNA Journals, explaining how to perform these embolisations and highlighting the 3 main anatomical variants concerned by hypertrophy.

Conception and realization of a book in self-publishing, " Just Go! " relating a life experience of 6 months in family : the challenge consisted in conciliating the home-schooling, the realization of travel books, and the maintenance of the professional activities of the parents in addition. A six-handed travel diary, this book offers the crossed views of a mother and her two daughters, aged ten and eleven, on a road trip-like journey, undertaken on a whim.

BRGM, Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, is the French public institution of reference in the application of earth sciences to manage the resources and risks of the soil and subsoil. This establishment called on Hélène Fournié to produce 2 illustrations of hydrogeological synthesis of the Haute-Garonne, which had to be a compromise between exact scientific information and vulgarisation. The first block diagram represents the alluvial water table of the Garonne over the centuries, with a schematic representation of its meanders,


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  • Timothée Dupaigne, regional hydrogeologist at BRGM Ile de France.

    "The quality of Hélène's illustration reflects her ability to immerse herself in the subject and to find the right balance between readability and precision of scientific information. She also knew how to preserve the aesthetics despite the complexity of the elements to represent. The collaboration was made efficient thanks to fluid exchanges, notably because of her reactivity and her ability to listen. Hélène Fournié is an excellent ally for the BRGM!".

  • Cyrille Doumecq - Technical Sales Manager - Serdex, an affiliate of SEPPIC Group

    Quick and efficient, Helene helps me to create the graphic universe of my communication tools.

  • Prof. Catherine Belzung, INSERM 930 & Department of Neurosciences

    I have called upon Helene Fournie on numerous occasions for illustrations for magazine articles on the brain, animal behaviour or translational research. She provides illustrations of an exceptional aesthetic quality, very clear, much appreciated by the reviewers of my articles and by the readers. These illustrations are often used by others. In addition, it is very well organised, responds quickly, easily understands the nature of the request, takes our feedback into account, never loses patience, is very efficient and also very honest. I recommend her most enthusiastically. Call her: you will never be disappointed and will always be delighted!

  • Patrick Gardet, technical warden - National Nature Reserve of the Hauts de Chartreuse

    Hélène Fournié has enabled the Natural Reserve of the  Hauts de Chartreuse to produce a series of illustrations that are demanding from a naturalistic point of view and capable of capturing the curiosity of young and old alike, on difficult themes (geomorphology, natural habitats...). The result is a real success and the illustrations are very well received.  A result possible thanks to Helene's artistic and technical qualities, but also her listening and flexibility around the project. A big thank you! 

  • Didier Merlin Ph.D - Distinguished University Professor, Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Georgia State University - Atlanta GA

    Helene’s strong analytic skills and scientific knowledge are complemented by her expertise in graphic art. Such a rare combination gives her the ability to deliver outstanding medical illustrations. I’ve worked with Helene for the last 10 years, and her graphics have proven to increase attractiveness, understandability, and communication power of research findings.

  • Corentin Guinault - Geodiversity Project Manager at Réserves Naturelles de France

    Hélène made our task much easier with her availability, her curiosity and her ability to listen. However, we had called on her services for a field she knew little about, geology, with high expectations in terms of rigour and pedagogy. Today, our employees are very pleased with the result and the quality of the brochure obtained.

  • Pierre-Louis Gamblin, Regional Medical Director Immunology / Virology - MSD France

    "Hélène was recommended to us by an internationally recognized French scientific expert, for her mastery of scientific graphics. The collaboration went perfectly well, with respect for the commitment, timings, and regulatory constraints, all in an atmosphere of exchange and good humor. Thank you Hélène for this collaboration and we look forward to renewing the experience. »

  • Romain Gibeaux, PhD - CNRS researcher and team leader at the Institute of Genetics and Development in Rennes

    The expansion of my team's research themes has led to its name change in 2022. On this occasion, I called upon Hélène Fournié to create a team logo reflecting the scope of our research projects from molecular to cellular. Hélène was able to quickly understand our work and to make adapted logo proposals, each one more beautiful than the other. Hélène is open to suggestions and spares no time to finalize the work in its smallest details.  Hélène is positive, strong of suggestions, efficient and reactive, it was a real pleasure to work with her


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